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  • Vanilla Sky
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  • Marlowe



    “I’m a generic name…” states Alan Cumming’s character halfway thru this cliché boresfest. Ya don’t say? I screamed inside my head as I rolled my eyes so far back I was able to check out my own ass.

    “Gong dagong badong!” is yet another example of the type of quality dialogue you can expect in this sorry excuse for a script. God, I wish I was kidding. The casual use of racial epithets liberally sprinkled throughout certainly doesn’t do it…

  • Empire of Light

    Empire of Light


    Just when you think Olivia Colman can’t surprise you again, along comes Sam Mendes wonderful “Empire of Light” and she gives everything and more with a devastatingly nuanced and moving performance of a Woman trapped by trauma and circumstance. Paired with the brilliant Michael Ward, every scene they share captivates beyond words.

    Much like my previous review, I’m astounded by how unappreciated this film seems to be on here - I’m going to go out on a limb and state…

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  • Wild Wild Country

    Wild Wild Country


    I like a good documentary, but WOW...I really wasn't expecting this. Like the former Mayor of Antelope states in its opening episode [I paraphrase] 'you couldn't make this up - and if you did, people probably wouldn't believe you anyway.'

    On a quiet day in 1981, disciples of an obscenely wealthy religious guru called Bhagwan Rajneesh suddenly appear in a small, conservative town in Oregon - dressed in scarlet with portraits of their leader hanging around their necks. This sudden…

  • The School for Good and Evil

    The School for Good and Evil


    Entertaining enough fare with Carlize Theron and Michelle Yeoh in particular acting-up a storm and loving every minute of it

    Everyone else however tries in vain to keep their head above water as they realise they’re out of their depth trying to keep-up with AAA Actors and working with a cringe fest of text masquerading as a Script. 

    Somewhat ironically, the film’s main protagonists are appropriately yin & yang - the good is good and holds her own, and the bad…she’s…