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  • Winter Light

    Winter Light


    Gunnar Björnstrand and Ingmar Bergman might be my favourite actor/director partnership of the 20th century. Truly a wonderful thing when you witness two artists so in step with each other’s ideas. A chilly, desolate and quite beautiful movie.

  • The Killing

    The Killing


    Absolute dynamite script. Dialogue moves at a breakneck clip with 100 good lines dished out every few seconds. Fantastic in its construction, and adored Kubrick’s weighty and physical way of shooting action. Zips by but is hugely satisfying - also, might be in love with Marie Windsor now.

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  • The Bridge

    The Bridge

    Re-watched this one for a uni essay. While the testimony from Family and friends of jumpers, and even a survivor, is undoubtedly moving, it's really hard for me not to see this as a manipulative and voyeuristic documentary that crassly and disturbingly turns real people's torment and suicide into a suspenseful narrative.

    The director filmed a real person (among others) named Gene for over an hour, before he jumped to his death. Keep in mind, the director went to this…

  • Shaft



    A guy describes a woman as having "groovy boobs" in this movie