Midsommar ★★★★½

Do you feel held by him ?

i was expecting this movie to be a bit more scary but it turns out i loved it so much. in fact, there's no sensation of fear, instead you feel disturbed and troubled, sometimes disgusted.

as Taylor Swift once said, « I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream ». that's exactly what it is. except for the few scenes happening at night (where it is still clear tho), the whole movie takes place during the day. so there's no place to hide. at all. and that's what differs from other horror movies and brings something different. how can a place like this, so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, be the scene of so much horror and nightmare?

except for the story of that morbid cult, this movie deals with much more serious subjects such as mourning, anxiety, loss. i'm not very familiar with all of this but there are very touching and hard moments.

i also love the fact that the story is foreshadowed through some easter eggs like paintings, drawings and runes. i only watched it once so i didn't pay attention to details in the set but if you do, you can guess what's gonna happen to them, and it's actually quite obvious.

i don't know if it's true but i read somewhere that Ari Aster was recovering from a breakup of his own while he was developing the movie, and that experience influenced his writing of the characters. if it's in fact true, he needs to see a therapist asap because what. the. fuck.

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