Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

Well, the Le Domas family truly are the in-laws from hell. 

I grinned so hard and laughed so much at this film, it was definitely one of the unexpected highlights of the year. It was totally Samara Weaving’s film and I’m so glad people are finally realising that she’s a star. When she rips up her wedding dress and marches down the hallways with her beat up converse and ammo across her shoulder - what a badass. The rest of the supporting cast were also such a hoot, especially Henry Czerny who I’ve always been a big fan of. Everyone had an interesting character and played up the comedy and fantastic weirdness of the script with such finesse. There’s so much goodness about this one, it’s normally not the type of movie I’d pick out to go see but it was totally my style and I’m so glad I did.

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