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  • You Only Live Once

    You Only Live Once


    but how can you be good in this world if no one wants you to be good :(((

    three shots stood out as especially remarkable for the subtle, visual ways in which they enrich our understanding of the film’s narrative;
    1- after an establishing shot of the bank, medium-long shot of an unremarkable sedan by heavy rain and then window is lowered ever so slightly and a pair of eyes surveils the scene, just screams as find these eyeballs !!!

    2- and of course, the shot of the headlines when he has been falsely arrested for the bank job.

  • Yesterday



    i only watch some depressing stuff lately so i thought some romcom can make me feel better. i was SO wrong. this one was exceptionally unenjoyable. and i wished he tried to play & recreate revolution 9, so i could see people just be freaked out while listening the sound of hell

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  • The Host

    The Host


    OH GODDDD! bong joon-ho is one of the greatest director living! he’s done nothing but impress with each of his films i’ve seen. i really have no expectations at all for this one but it floored me, definitely it’s one of the action/thriller movie ever. story, development, tragedy, political subtext, beautiful cinematography, the occasional bit of humor, this movie has everything. thrilling and entertaining to the very last moment!

  • Vita & Virginia

    Vita & Virginia


    so many things condensed in such a short amount of time…it lacked impact and depth in everything. although, i think they did a good job with virginia but, vita……they didn’t get who she was. there were details and reactions that had me raising an eyebrow. the film does not effectively show a complex and dynamic relationship between to uncompromising, passionate, and intelligent these women.

    and the score WHYYY……. oh my god people here seem to like it a lot, but ehh hh i really hated it.

    rating this 2 stars bc the movie was visually stunning and there were two scene that i liked.