Carol ★★★★★

Carol, god what do I say about Carol? The film is breathtaking in every manner of speaking, a well crafted film that is pulsing with style that most certainly does not replace substance and it is also an amazing adaption of Patricia Highsmith's novel (which is one of my favourites).

Every scene between Carol and Therese with the grainy film, interesting camera angles and the eerie yet beautiful score paints a sensual, gorgeous moment. This entire film is not only an amazing work of cinema but a stunning work of art. I could watch this film over and over and I would never tire of it, if there was a museum of film, this would be the one I'd go to see there, to stare at endlessly on a museum wall.

Cate Blanchett provides an elegant performance as Carol, displaying such emotional depth with even the most minute of actions and Rooney Mara brings just as much to this sleek marble table of a film. Sarah Paulson as Abby brings a fantastic performance, as strong as the main characters. This film does what any rich film full of sensuality, emotional depth and the sleek artist style that brings through it's visuals and setting, it takes your breath away and completely and utterly moves you.

Carol was completely snubbed at the Oscars, deserving a best picture nomination at least when you view how fantastic it is. Carol is a film everyone should watch as I implore anyone who hasn't do so as I'm frightfully mad that I put off watching this for so long. Carol is cinema at it's finest.

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