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  • Cargo
  • Taxi 4
  • Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
  • The Kindergarten Teacher
  • A Fantastic Woman

Watchlist 2.0

2,647 films

i refuse to add anymore films to my actual watchlist

there’s just so much weird shit i wanna watch one…

  • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
  • Starstruck
  • White Noise
  • The Great Land of Small
  • Strange World

2023: First Time Watches

142 films

i’m still not convinced 2023 is a real year 💝

anyway as per usual every film i watch for the…

  • Barbie in the Nutcracker
  • The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
  • The Nutcracker: The Untold Story
  • Nutcracker Fantasy
  • Щелкунчик

Every Adaptation of 'The Nutcracker' I've Seen Ranked

24 films

this is the only ranked list i’ll ever make cause it’s the only one that matters

since it's christmas time…

  • 964 Pinocchio
  • All the Colors of the Dark
  • Amer
  • American Gothic
  • American Mary

Super Watchlist - Horror

121 films

we do love some scares baby !!

  • ABBA: The Movie
  • Adieu Galaxy Express 999
  • The Adventure of Denchu-Kozo
  • The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension
  • Alegría: An Enchanting Fable

Every Film on My Passports I Haven't Seen

427 films

i just need to keep track of it

(my passport is the name of my h🅰®dd®¡✅es btw)

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • The 10th Kingdom
  • 21 Jump Street
  • 8 Women
  • ABBA: The Movie

My Passports: The Complete Collection

851 films

my passport is the automated name of both my h🅰®dd®¡✅es and i've never bothered to change it,,

this is a…

  • 1/2 Man
  • 102 Minutes That Changed America
  • 1991: The Year Punk Broke
  • 200 Motels
  • 25 April

Documentary Watchlist

534 films

finally watched lamp (2003) none of these will top that 

i always forget i make these lists and never look…

  • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
  • Starstruck
  • Andy's Funhouse
  • True Stories
  • From Beyond

2023: First Time 5 Stars

17 films

as per usual every first time i watch i give 5 stars this year, ranked in order of viewing  !

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • The Theory of Everything
  • Léon: The Professional
  • (500) Days of Summer
  • Brooklyn

my watchlist

1,465 films

yes i know there’s a lot i need to watch,, yes i know i haven’t seen a lot of the…

  • Popeye
  • The Watcher in the Woods
  • Twelve Months
  • Airplane!
  • Fade to Black

Super Watchlist - 1980s

120 films

80s films are for the gays ☝️

  • Avatar: The Way of Water
  • Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
  • Barbie

2023: Films I Saw in Cinema

6 films

alright here’s the usual:

- ranked in order of viewing  - multiple viewings will be noted in the description

  • Zazie dans le Métro
  • Late Autumn
  • Spartacus
  • L'Avventura
  • Breathless

Super Watchlist - 1960s

72 films

put on your gogo boots and paint on some bottom eyelashes, its the 60s lads