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  • Mako: The Jaws of Death

    Mako: The Jaws of Death


    A film, the quality of which is rather difficult to gauge. It’s deliberately slow and uneven, but simultaneously fairly original (with a caveat) despite ostensibly being a JAWS ripoff.
    This time, death by shark is a means to a somewhat muddled end rather than the primary focus, which is instead a seemingly asexual guy obsessed with protecting sharks, when everyone else around him seems obsessed with killing or abusing sharks.
    Similar in contradictory ideology to Grefe’s previous animal focused revenge…

  • Killer Crocodile II

    Killer Crocodile II


    Following the lead of its inspiration (PIRANHA, this time), KILLER CROCODILE 2 improves on its predecessor (though they were shot back to back) with a satisfying increase in both gore and absurdity along with a more engaging plotline and creative use of the crocodile.

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  • Cries of Pleasure

    Cries of Pleasure


    CRIES OF PLEASURE feels like a 35mm scope take on a 16mm one-day-wonder. Shot entirely in one house, quite possibly in one or two days, and consisting almost entirely of sex, with only the thinnest of narrative setups to propel it, its one fascinating aspect is that it’s made up entirely of long takes.
    Many shots last over a minute, with a few running over 3 minutes. It’s a unique and almost experimental approach on paper, but unfortunately here it…

  • Hunter's Blood

    Hunter's Blood


    An effective mix of Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes, Robert Hughes HUNTER’S BLOOD is neither the slasher some have labeled it as nor the action pic others seem to think it is. In fact, for the first hour, it’s just a lot of hanging out in the woods as tensions build between a group of inbred country bumpkins and some obnoxious city slickers out for a weekend of hunting.
    Hughes keeps the tension building until the bloodshed finally starts,…