Midsommar ★★★

Midsommar broadly suffers from the same problems that plagued Us: a dynamite first hour that immerses you in its world and in its characters, then slowly losing that steam as it limps past the finish line on fumes. what I appreciated most about Midsommar is its humor, that sometimes twitching bodies and skin masks are funny, damn it, and almost daring you to laugh in the face of tragedy, though at some points it's tough to know whether the film is going for intentional ones or trying and failing to be Deep and coming off as goofy.

really striking images and a beautiful score save the muddled story from spiraling wildly off the rails, but there's only so much of nodding and saying "yes, okay, I understand, uh-huh, Ari, I get it," that someone can go through in a 143-minute movie before the entire enterprise feels tiring. Hereditary was able to drag me into its world and not let go, Midsommar was content to just meander lazily through a soft bright field with sunshine pouring down. it's a nice day, it's just not my favorite.

this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby!
-Austin Powers on VHS

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