Drive ★★★★★

Irene: "What do you do?"
Driver: "I drive."

Drive is a beautiful, violent masterpiece, a strange euphoric film that radiates what I can really only describe as a "neon" feeling. This is the first Nicolas Winding Refn film that I've seen, and it makes all his other movies have quite a high bar to live up to. I think that the best part of this film is the soundtrack, which reminds me of old video game music, or 90's movie music. One thing that this movie did was make it matter when people died, and not just main characters, but people who you shouldn't like. Like, in the motel sequence, I found myself wincing from the gore, even though I'd already made it through 3 seasons of The Walking Dead and not batted an eye at the violence. That's because in the show, the violence feels muted due to the way so many people die. But in Drive, when violence happens, it's unexpected and brutal in a different, more effective way. Anyways, I think that if you haven't checked this movie out, you should as soon as you can. Be warned, though: it isn't a pure action film.


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