21 Up

21 Up ★★★★

The December Project: Film #95

In just three films, this the only of them lasting longer than an hour, I feel already so close to these fourteen people. Already the superlatives often thrown about in relation to this series seem justified: the comfort these people have in speaking to Apted about their lives facilitates a subtle yet sharply incisive consideration of the human condition. As too does the discomfort: there are those of the group who are reluctantly honest, slowly coming to acknowledge the burgeoning disappointment of lives that seem over ever before they've even begun. In 21 Up these people are the same age that I am now. I can't tell you how tempted I am to wait seven years before watching the next part; to maintain the astounding sense of personal relevance this installment carries would be marvellous but alas, impatience shall never allow that to occur.