Day of Wrath

Day of Wrath ★★★★½

The December Project: Film #89

It's a mystery to me why I haven't seen more of Dreyer's filmography; the mind behind The Passion of Joan of Arc and Vampyr, two of the greatest films I've ever seen, he's a director I'm desperately in need of delving into in greater depth. Day of Wrath is just as fine a film as those two aforementioned, its amazing aesthetic attesting—at least to my eyes—the aesthetic superiority of monochrome film. Dreyer's black and white visuals are the perfect physical accompaniment to the moral ambiguity of his narrative. Here we have a look at religion equally as complex and layered as The Passion, its accusatory insights truly shocking in their power. As if I didn't know already, this is proof of Dreyer's cinematic mastery, and a forceful reminder to me that I really need to see more of his work.