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  • George Harrison: Living in the Material World

    George Harrison: Living in the Material World


    The bit where Ringo speaks about the last time he saw George. He can't get through the anecdote without tearing up but then comes right back with "christ it's like Barbara fucking Walters in here". If like me you love George Harrison this documentary is absolutely un-missable.

  • The Crash Reel

    The Crash Reel


    Incredibly moving documentary, told through the eyes of Kevin's friends and family with lots of actual footage (including the terrifying slam itself).

    This film has many depths, an amazing tale of professional snowboarding's rocketing progression into massive amplitude with multiple spins and double/triple corks; sobering you with just how life-threatening that progression has made it.

    It's an inspiring survival story tempered with the sadness of change that can't be undone. Of how a family pulls together when needed most, of…