Frenzy ★★★★

Frenzy is the penultimate film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This was filmed in the 1970's and is a bit more explicit in a 70's sort of way. A serial killer is on the loose and he is raping women and strangling them with a necktie. Hitchcock beautifully sets the atmosphere of busy streets in London's Convent Garden, where his father had actually been a merchant.

This film follows both the story of a man accused of being the killer and the police detective investigating the trail. The police detective's wife is hilarious. Every dinner she prepares is a complicated fancy foreign dish, which is not appreciated by her husband. She also shares her feminine intuition to question whether the primary suspect would have actually raped his ex-wife. Upon learning that they had been married for 10 years, she remarks to her husband, "We've only been married 8 years and you can hardly keep your eyes open at night."

Frenzy isn't among Hitchcock's masterpiece films, but it is certainly worth checking out.

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