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  • Possession



    “it occasionally seems to the amourous subject that [she] is possessed by a demon of language which impels [her] to injure [herself] and to expel [herself] — according to Goethe’s expression — from the paradise which at other moments the amorous relation constitutes for [her]”

    she’s fucking someone, someone that isn’t you alright. it’s driving you crazy, you can’t get it out of your mind, you have to know, does she love him? does he fuck her better? 

    you stalk…

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

    Hadn’t thought about this movie much since I had first seen it when I was very young despite being one of the most culturally influential movies in the past few decades, and the ideological formulation of this movie has recently struck me as odd. Take away the movie’s exposited concept of the matrix away and it seems the film has the the concept of reality/matrix backwards.

    The movie, plainly read, consists of a boring office worker, who is chosen out…

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  • 24 City

    24 City


    evoked ideas:
    lineage of labor
    the dually alienating and identity-forming quality of labor
    the directionless of modernization

  • The World

    The World


    sinofuturism: a stark reminder of frederic jameson’s ‘crisis in historicity’

    the characters in this movie inhabit a world where their life narratives have no beginnings and abrupt endings, like they are haunted by a collectivism that serves only to catapult china into the Latest of all Capitalisms