Moulin Rouge! ★★★★★

one of biggest, and most common criticisms of this film is the lack of a coherent plot, but i honestly think that’s part of what makes it so great. the anachronistic musical numbers exist not to further a storyline, but to elicit an emotional response and thats also what makes it so divisive. you either fall in love with the kitschy, vibrant visuals and swelling orchestral numbers, or find them artificial and hollow, and i’m happy to be a part of the former group. this romance shouldnt even work, considering that christian and satine fall in love in a matter of SECONDS, but i feel so incredibly invested in and attached to their love story. its a little insane. the bohemian ideals that toulouse first introduces to us are also the core themes of this whole film, right up to that less-than-fairytale ending. i really do feel like this is a film that defies criticism. moulin rouge doesnt care if you love it or hate it. it exists loud and proud, and to be seen, and have its vision be spread, is enough.