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  • Casablanca



    We will always have Paris....

  • Children of a Lesser God

    Children of a Lesser God


    It was one of the most original romantic dramas I have ever watched. James (William Hurt) is a teacher who comes to the school for the deaf people and contributes to the development of his students by providing them with a different and fun education. While watching the movie, I likened this character to Robin Williams in the movie “Good will Hunting”. In the movie, we watch the pure love that develops between James and a deaf woman(Marlee Matlin) he…

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  • Midnight Express

    Midnight Express

    Firstly, I hadn't seen such a racist movie in my life. The movie was made entirely with hate against the Turks. The Turks and Turkey are shown badly in the movie in every way. Especially in the movie, the Turks are portrayed as ugly and dirty as possible, but the hero of the film, American Billy, is portrayed as clean, handsome and good-looking thus, the director shows the turkish nation antipathic to the audience. None of the actors who played…

  • Malena



    An excellent Italian movie criticizing the values ​​of society! We are watching Malena's efforts to hold onto life through the eyes of 13-year-old Renato. Although Monica Belluci speaks very few in the movie, she manages to enchant you with her awesome beauty. When Malena comes to sicily, she attracts the attention of all sicilian men with her beauty. (also wins women’s hate). The only sin of Malena is her beauty. The movie shows us how sinful, slanderer and selfish people can be. Despite everything, the effort of holding on to life of Malena is also filling your eyes.