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  • Thunder Road
  • Frances Ha
  • American Psycho
  • Black Swan

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  • My Skinny Sister


  • This Is Where I Leave You


  • Babylon


  • Pulp Fiction

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  • This Is Where I Leave You

    This Is Where I Leave You


    himbo adam driver <3 milf tina fey <3 sad boy jason bateman <3 cutie ben schwartz <3 does it get any better than this

  • Babylon



    la la land’s debauched, decadent, self-destructive spiritual successor (predecessor?) i don’t even have words or coherent thoughts or comprehensible feelings? my favourite thing about the movie is like it feels like a movie??? as bitter and pained as it is starry-eyed and reverent, both an ode and an elegy, epic and intimate, ephemeral and timeless. and all this in the name of Movies! an experience!! insane!!! damien chazelle continues to insist that sacrifice and suffering is necessary and worthwhile in…

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  • Loki


    i don't think anyone realised how serious loki was in thor: ragnarok when he said "your saviour is here," so true loki, this did in fact save me

  • Cinderella


    john mulaney is listed in the cast, therefore i am interested
    also i've decided that he's one of the mice and i love it

    edit: i was right, he is a mouse, i still love it

    edit: john mulaney is no longer a mouse and i no longer love it