Suspiria ★★★★★

'there are two things that dance can never be again: beautiful, and cheerful.'

everything about it oh my god!!! the music, tilda swinton and mia goth and dakota johnson, the nightmare sequences, mia goth!!!, the foreshadowing, the ending, just all of it!! i struggled w the original, and i think this is a rare case of the remake being better. the story is more coherent, the themes are clearer, and the characterisation is much stronger. it's not as visually striking as the original, which is definitely a shame, but it still has an austere, ominous beauty to it that's completely chilling and captivating. i also love how much actual dancing there is in this version, and the cutting between beautiful, expressive dance to very effective body horror is incredible to watch. idk if comparison is fair bc they're hardly the same film, but i hugely prefer this one

in conclusion, good for her! witches, women, i love them <3

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