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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    A well-crafted thriller, but tests the limits of how uncomfortable it can make its audience in rooting for its main character. I was tense and nervous almost the whole time; the movie left me with an icky feeling at the poor human choices depicted. I can admire the craft, and it was certainly thrilling.

    Call out to the soundtrack here: adds great tone and tension to the movie; modern with 80s influences that I loved.

    Check out IMDB parents guide if you are sensitive to language and sexuality.

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    I must be missing something here, because I found this quite the boring slog. I am aware of the high regard for this movie among film critics and historians, but I did not have that experience. Lots may be cultural barriers preventing myself from understanding the importance of the art. For example, actors in this frequently smile big saying simple dialogue, and it came across as quite strange based upon my expectations from modern acting. Camera shots are minimalist, with…

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  • Abominable



    Really a wonderful family movie. The animation is creative and beautiful, and it really has some great humor mixed in. Also, making playing the violin a cool magical weapon is a gift to all parents teaching their child to play an instrument. Loved it.