Captain Marvel ★★

“So is it true? That the Kree burned your eye out because you refused to give them the Tesseract?”

“I will neither confirm nor deny the facts of that story.”

So I went to see this again.  My roommate wanted to see it, and I, hoping that maybe it would improve upon rewatch, happily obliged.  There were aspects that did improve, yet there were aspects that got worse, and of course, there were aspects that remained unchanged.  I think a second view let me look at some details and threads more closely, and that surely helped.

So, what improved?  Well, for one, the pacing felt much more consistent this time around.  I only got a littled bored during the late second act, leading into the third act, and it feels like it’s just a bit too long.  Also, Talos as a character improved.  I didn’t mind him this time around, and the awkward humor he used wasn’t really awkward as I thought before.  I was a little iffy on the villains and switcharoo they pull here on my first watch, yet I feel, seeing it again, it works much better and feels more natural.  The same goes for Maria’s character, as her sudden want to help in the finale doesn’t feel as stupid as before, though I think a jumpcut of Monica crying over her mother’s casket would be a hilariously dark moment that makes her feel guilty for talking her mother into something that any normal human wouldn’t dare think of doing.  The SFX and visuals also look fantastic - there’s only one shot I didn’t care for.

As for things that remained the same for me, the dialogue is still not good.  Overly expository  and sometimes ridiculously cheesy with the mid-fight one-liners, it’s just kind of cringey at times.  The acting also is pretty disappointing, mostly the line delivery from support that really lack any realism in tone, though the biggest offender in the main protagonist herself, Captain Marvel.  Brie Larson, though I haven’t seen Room (or really anything with her come to think of it), is probably an, at least, good actress.  Here, she’s just fine.  Not even fine though, because at times her acting is just bad.  The quipping and witting lines thrown around don’t feel authentic and her fighting face attitude feel so tacked on.  Her performance honestly feels rather fake.  Kind of forced in.  Samuel L. Jackson is still the best part of the film, along with some solid cameos, however.

And finally, things that got worse.  The biggest offender here, is undoubtedly the humor.  Based purely on nostagia-driven gags and lines, the humor here feels very forced, not at all as casual and genuine as in many other MCU films.  Also, much of the humor is agenda-driven, which can be rather annoying and blatantly obvious.  But without a doubt, the worst comedic moment has to be the reason for Fury losing his eye.  It’s just dumb, and so anticlimactic.  Other than the abysmal humor, I noticed more little tiny details this time around, like poor edits, mainly during the action sequences, and continuity errors.

So overall, this second watch confirms for me that Captain Marvel, while definitely not a bad movie, is just disappointing.  It’s fine.  It’s an average film, and a lackluster addition to the ever-consistent MCU.  It has some great moments - I don’t think the action is that bad (there were many moments where I was pulled into the scene, and tensely engaged); the villain twist is interesting and they can do a lot with that in later installments; Jude Law is great; the cameos are great; the characters are good; the SFX are terrific (especially that de-aging); Jackson is great here; there are some gorgeous slo-mo shots; the score is cool; and that scene with the Skrulls going through Vers’ memories has to be my favorite of the whole film - but it’s just lacking when it comes to some big, key things. The dialogue, the acting (especially coming from your lead), the really bad humor, the forced agenda, and some pacing and length issues, but it has a great mid-credits scene, and I cannot wait for Endgame (though I can DEFINITELY wait to work opening weekend).  I think in the movie’s sequels, we’ll be able to explore the storylines concerning Yon-Rogg, Ronan, and the Kree and Skrulls more in-depth, and I think with better writing and direction, they can surely make a solid film.  I mean, there’s so much you can do with this character, especially considering the 20 year gap between this and the start of the MCU.  What happened to Yon-Rogg?  What happened to the Kree and the Skrulls?  How did Ronan turn into Ronan the Accuser?  And why did he start wearing the paint?  Will we ever find out what happened to Goose?  How did Lawson get access to the Tesseract?  And what has Carol been up to all these years?  I have a feeling that in CM2 & 3 we’ll discover the answers to these questions, and I just hope they all come together and make good movies.  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of Jude Law and Ben Mendelsohn, and I’m interested to seen more.  The same goes for young Monica.  Maybe way down the line though.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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P.S.  Someone teach these people to run please.

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