Die Hard 2

Die Hard 2 ★★★★

Grossly under appreciated. 

The logic is very shaky throughout, and they have to hang a whole bunch of lanterns on a whole bunch of familiar scenes. Still… I don’t care. It’s a really, really strong action sequel. 

Fred Thompson is the standard bearer for over caffeinated and high blood pressured boiler room bosses with so many great lines delivered like an old pro. He was my senator for a while (ugh), and this is by far the work that makes me proudest he’s a Tennessean. 

And as many times as I’ve seen this (honestly might be 15 or more over my lifetime), I only an hour ago realized that’s Franco Nero. 

One gripe: Why are they all working so hard to stop Col. Stuart’s plan? Give the man what he wants, it’s not that vital, even if you ignore that it’s all in service of the war on drugs. 

OK, one more: Too many forced and sweaty one liners. “What sets off the metal detectors first, the lead in your ass or the shit in your brains?” What??

Also, wasn’t the British plane out of fuel?? Where’d those fireballs come from??? No, still don’t care.

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