Parasite ★★★★★

I remember seeing Parasite in October at the SCAD Film Festival. It was late at night, 11 P.M. to be precise, and I had a very long day preceding it, so I was slightly anxious that I would fall asleep during the screening. Unsurprisingly in retrospect, that worry almost instantly faded away when the film began. I was absolutely enthralled with the direction, story, dialogue, acting, cinematography, twists, and score of the film. It was my favorite movie of 2019 and one of my favorites of the decade. As time went on, many others saw the film and garnered a similar reaction, including the Academy, which now famously gave the film (the first not in the English language) Best Picture.

With the growing praise and attention, I became more and more excited to see Parasite, but something was holding me back. When the film came to theaters near me, I urged everyone I knew to see the film, but never actually went. I bought the blu-ray of the film the first day it was available, but kept growing dust on my shelf while I viewed an array of different films. Today, with hesitance, I decided today was the day to rewatch Parasite, unsure of what I was so nervous about. When the opening credits ran, I suddenly realized: I was terrified that after all the hype, all the awards, all the praise, I would be underwhelmed, now knowing all the film's secrets that are so precious for its first viewing. However, just as my anxieties at the festival, any fear that this would disappoint soon faded away as I was entranced and absorbed into director Bong's world. In fact, I loved Parasite even more on a second viewing.

What I feel truly sets this apart from any other film, leading to its tremendous success, is that is it so immensely entertaining whilst never sacrificing its artistic intentions or merit. Bong rides the line of comedy, satire, and thriller and completely succeeds in every regard. Brought to life by terrific direction and a criminally underrated score by Jung Jaeil (who I think wrote the best score of the decade, and one of the best of all time), Parasite is a thrill ride of which you will never break focus from.

For the half dozen people on this website who haven't seen Parasite, I urge you to, by any means necessary, watch the film. Let it change the way you view filmmaking. Let it change the way you view others. Let it change your life.

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