Reservoir Dogs ★★★★★

Finally, f*cking finally I have seen this!

Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie of all time. Until this moment, I had seen every movie Tarantino had directed, except this one. And I am sad I waited so long. This is a masterpiece.
Tarantino is a f*cking brilliant writer. Like Pulp Fiction, he doesn’t tell it chronologically, but in a very creative way to feed the audience with information throughout. He manages to include interesting twists and with his incredible writing he arranges them in the way, they have the best impact on the story as well as on the audience. 

When you talk about Tarantino‘s writing, you have to include the dialogue. It is breathtaking. The way Tarantino makes his seemingly random dialogues so captivating is incredible. And I used the word „seemingly“ to say that the dialogues are not random at all. Like in Pulp Fiction, each and every word that is said explains the talking chatacters and the story more and gives more and more depth amd realism to those things.

This movie is one of Tarantinos best! With a great cast, a great story, great characters and an extremely interesting and creative screenplay.

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