Parasite ★★★★★

RE-EE-WATCH. WHEN THE CROWD SAY BO... NG JOON HO *to the tune of Rewind by Craig David

So my first review of this fucking sucked but what did you vultures want from me I’d watched Little Women and Parasite in the same day, the last thing on my mind was getting clout from the website.

As many of us I read them articles “25 Things That You Never Noticed in Parasite” or “You Will Never Watch Parasite the Same Again After This!” And honestly I’m so glad I did because now I mean it when I say this film is truly masterpiece.

This film is like making a Christmas dinner. You put 100% into every little portion and micromanage one thing at a time, make sure each item compliments the others and then when it’s on the plate in front of you, you truly have a banquet you can either pick at your favourites bit by bit or just stuff your face with the big picture of it all. 


I think it should have got more oscars also p.p.s fuck the rich

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