Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★

Damn, I want what Gale and Dewy have… Scream 2 follows Sidney ask she goes to college followed by a copycat of the Ghostfaced Killaaaaaaaa. 

In many ways Scream 2 uses being a sequel to its advantage. A connection to the character from the previous film has you a lot more invested. 

Mixed with a incredible score, moments when characters are in danger become a lot more tense because you care more.

The script is still equally incredible. Self aware, slightly meta but never too in your faces and still presents the film with a tight narrative my only real gripe is the ended felt anti climactic.

Wes Craven really makes the scream films feel a labour of love. His shade filled love letter to horror Scream 2 stands as on of the great Horror sequels. Still thinking about wassssaaapp/10