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  • The Matrix
  • American Movie
  • Ideas Man
  • The Deer Hunter

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  • Metropolis

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

  • Last Night in Soho

  • Midnight Mass

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  • Metropolis


    Patiently waiting for Jazz Fascist Utopia.

    "Dreams of yesterday"

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ray would never get a tattoo.

    The most exciting part of this experience was after it was over we watched the cast doing some TV interview and Bill Murray was busting Paul Rudd's balls about the sexist man thing and they were all making actual jokes and being funny comedy people like they're meant to be.

Popular reviews

  • The Man Who Would Never Be, What They Made Him To Be

    The Man Who Would Never Be, What They Made Him To Be

    "Ten years, fourty years, two hundred years. How bout I'm doin' none of em?"

    A few hours ago I received a message from a letterboxd homie to check my account ASAP. After a short panic, I checked and found everything to be in order, but apparently a handful of people that I followed and chatted with all had their accounts removed from the site in a sort of "mass purging" tonight. These were people who were just writing things about…

  • Smocaine 3

    Smocaine 3

    They're about to be shot point blank by a drug king pin, Deucey turns to the drug-addled Smocaine and starts telling him how it's going to be when they die:

    "It's gonna be another car that drives."

    This is the type of improv line you can only come up with when you're at the top of your game after a decade of putting in the hours, when you're fully in character and have a prop gun pointed at your face.…