Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★★½

I love Twin Peaks inspired media, I love little Laura Palmer 2.0s running around with their little tragic backstories and their little secrets and their double lives. And I love the grief and fear and painful mysteries they leave behind for the people they knew and loved to untangle slowly, knot by wretched knot. We finally see their torment and anguish beneath their cheerful facades, and we are left to wonder whether the people around them saw the signs, whether those people ignored their anguish and fear because it was too uncomfortable for them to face. I love seeing the ending of a haunting tragic little life, and being left to watch the people around them pick apart the pieces, searching for answers and only receiving more questions. But in the end they always find the truth behind the facade, they find the reality of pain and sorrow behind the perfect illusion this person has created. And that is the true horror, isn’t it? Realizing we don’t really know each other at all.

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