Weathering with You

Weathering with You ★★★★½

Wanted a whole day to recount my experience in watching Makoto Skinkai’s latest film ‘Weathering With You’ yesterday for the first time during Anime NYC. It was a special East Coast premiere screening and it was great to have seen it with an online friend. 

Like the international phenomenon that was Your Name and Shinkai’s other lesser known works like Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Weathering With You’s strongest aspects is the incredible art style, strong direction in animation, a cast of memorable and fun characters that you would want to interact with. But like said films, the story is one of metaphorical vagueness in supporting the actions of the main leads with its message on men trying to control nature for our own convenience backfiring doesn’t come as fast until towards the end of the second act.

Outside of the story being not up to snuff, the film was a visually stimulating feat of Japanese animation. Definitely gonna enjoy rewatching the film next year in its limited theatrical run.

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