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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    I now remember why I've only seen this once many years ago. It stinks. It was more fun waiting in line at the arcade, back in the day, for my turn to play the game, while watching someone else play. I hate to be harsh on any movie, but there's not much entertaining here. Even the fight scenes are pretty lame. Having said that, I am interested in the new one coming out. I hope it does better than this.

  • Come True

    Come True


    A nice "study of dreams" type of movie, where I almost expected Freddy Krueger to show up. This is way slower than any of the Elm Street movies, but definitely build it's creepy atmosphere, and I liked where it went. Definitely not for everybody, and it leaves some things open to interpretation, but I kind of love these type of movies. Just establishing that spooky atmosphere, and keeping it, goes a long way with me. Plus, theay have songs and music in this that could easily fit into any David Lynch film. While not great, this is totally in my wheelhouse.

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  • Mandy



    Hallucinatory. Hypnotic. Mesmerizing. Weird. Beautiful. Bloody Brutal....and Absofuckinglutely Incredible! Nicolas Cage at his best. Panos Cosmatos increasingly proving his brilliance.
    I normally don't gush over movies right after I've seen them, because I like them to ruminate for awhile. This, however, hit me like a lead pipe to the face! I was expecting to like this, but not for it to blow me away. I literally found my mouth hanging open several times in the second half of this film,…

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    I've only seen the original cut once, and that was awhile ago, so other than a few scenes, I don't remember too much about it, but I did like it. This however, while long in the tooth, was a good one. You have to be willing to spend the time in this universe, but I enjoyed it. If anything, I hate that it hints at so much more to come, that we're probably never going to get. I still found…