Upgrade ★★★★

This was such a enjoyable watch. From start to finish you’re hooked and you are waiting for what comes next, for the next piece of information. Upgrade is about Grey Trace (Logan Marshall-Green) who after witnessing his wife’s death and becoming paralysed, is gifted with a AI chip called STEM which now functions as a medium between his brain and his movement. With the police lacking in finding out who was responsible for his wife’s death, Grey takes matters into his own hands and tracks down the people responsible. This was a fantastic action film, with tremendous choreography, I mean every fight scene was amazing especially due to the movement of the camera, it moved it such a way that really showed the machine that Grey has become, it was genuinely amazing to watch, full credit to Logan Marshall-Green aswell, not only is his acting great but his psychical acting was truly amazing, hats off to him. The music was also really sick, thought it completed the film well, so did the cinematography, some really nice and impressive shots. Overall a really solid action/sci-fi film.

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