Nomadland ★★

This score might seem low but I actually for the most part really liked this film itself. It's a tenderly human portrayal of nomads and the experiences they face on their journeys. The stories told by the nomads are fascinating to listen to and provides this sense of community and the melancholic memories of their pasts. Interactions are spread throughout this film that contain so much weight in their messages about what home truly is, how loss can affect you and how money may not completely satisfy your emotional needs. My problem with this film is pretty nitpicky and a bit personal, and that's the fact that this deeply authentic film about a fascinating group of people that you don't really see a lot of in movies being treated as award bait. Something about that just irks me for some reason and the thing is that it didn't really have to be, it could have been just a deep and honest trip through the lifestyle of nomads, but instead it's being awarded with so much commercial praise and that kind of devalues my respect for this film overall. That's a *really* dumb personal problem that I have but other than that this movie is still pretty well made, just got a bit ruined for me.

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