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  • True Crime

    True Crime


    Johnny Drama, Radio Raheem, Buck Who Likes to Fuck and Cher in a female gaze YA noir before the genre was invented. Love the dialup internet license plate searches and the guy who gives the teenage girl a beer but won’t kiss her because she is just a kid. Eyerolls galore.

  • The Substitute

    The Substitute


    I saw one of the Treat Williams sequels on tv like 20 years ago and remember finding it easy fun. This is not at that level. Not least because there’s no Treat Williams. Outrageous.

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  • Wake in Fright

    Wake in Fright


    May you dream of the Devil and wake in fright. - AN OLD CURSE

    Part 1 of the 30 Countries project.

    For the purposes of this project this movie is classed as at least partially being of Australian origin as per its listing on imdb.

    “In the remote towns of the west there are few of the amenities of civilization; there is no sewerage, there are no hospitals, rarely a doctor; the food is dreary and flavourless from long carrying,…

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    I'm honestly conflicted over giving this film the full marks. After tonight's screening at the Rooftop Cinema in Perth I reckon I must have seen it an even dozen times and it just keeps getting funnier. But it's a teen comedy comic book adaptation. Conflicted!

    Edgar Wright has done such a great job in adapting the visuals, mood and attitude of the excellent graphic novels, the soundtrack is phenomenally well chosen and the cast all excel in their roles however small plus it seems like Michael Cera was born to be Scott Pilgrim.

    I heart Scott Pilgrim so much. Full stars!