Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★½

Finally outdoor movie season has returned to Perth and I don't think I could have picked a finer first film to watch on a balmy Spring evening than Noah Baumbach's faux Whit Stillman female centric coming of age comic drama Frances Ha.

There were a lot of confused people at the screening, several groups of single ladies walked out, I have to assume because the plot was non-existent. Leah and I got some filthy looks from others as we giggled our way through the opening half an hour, the only noise from an otherwise seemingly bemused audience.

Greta Gerwig has never been more like Chloe Sevigny as she is here; charming, funny, stupid, beautiful, "undateable." Despite acting like an idiot, making bad choices and spontaneously lying quite often she's still all of those adjectives and more and deserves the unearned happy ending simply because the audience loves her and wants her to succeed.

Being a Slackavetes alumni the post-mumblecore nature of Gerwig's first feature script is no surprise, her characters have that goofy, awkward way of behaving I've come to love from the recent strain of American indies but are softened with a touch of the Seth Rogen's or Lena Dunham's thrown in.

The way that Baumbach marries those qualities with somewhat of an homage to the French New Wave in terms of visuals and dreamlike style makes Frances Ha something more than just another in the long line of larger budget outings for that school of filmmaking and deservedly draws comparisons to the New York of early Woody Allen.

Charming and deserving of its plaudits, certainly not deserving of being played to middle aged women expecting Sex and the City 3.

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