Duck Soup ★★★

Duck Soup at the moment is the first and only Marx brothers film I have seen so I am not entirely familiar with their style of slap stick comedy. This is my 2nd viewing of the film, the first time seeing it I was actually quite disappointed to the point where I did not bother with any other Marx Bro.'s films. Now I want to retry at their filmography and I decided to start here where I left off and rewatch Duck Soup to see if my opinion changed.

The result is a mixture of both, I did enjoy the slap stick humor and witty jokes much more this time around (I caught alot more of the subtle references in this viewing from the last). However I still cringed at some of the horrible song and dance sequences, or maybe I just was not in the musical kind of mood today. The rest of the film was still entertaining and enjoyable but again not the comedy classic I was hoping for and expecting.

I guess I should add also the metaphorical story poking fun at Totalitarian government systems such as Hitler's regime in Germany or Stalin in Russia did not work so well for me here. It felt too much of a shoving it all in your face approach and compared to the likes of Chaplin's The Great Dictator it fails in delivering its message.

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