Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

When people say this is director Harmony Korine's most accessible film, they are not lying. Korine is a hell of a oddball director, I have not seen many of his films. Actually only one besides this and that is Gummo but I had also seen his scripted and Larry Clark directed Kids which will disturb almost anyone who watches it. His films are hard to describe but the words strange, haunting, yet meditative come to mind. Spring Breakers is no different other then being developed specifically for the mainstream audiences and most likely not for their viewing pleasure.

I would love to know how many of your average movie goers will see this film thinking this is some sex comedy MTV spring break party film that the misleading trailers present it to be. That along with the inclusion of two ex-Disney actresses in one of the most extreme image makeovers any actor/actress ever went through are certain to attract audiences but for all of the wrong reasons.

Spring Breakers is like a disjointed fever dream examining the young party generation, the MTV culture, and the effects of the media driven society and their desensitized views on sex and violence. This is not even a downward spiral journey like one may think it will turn out. These examined traits and societal issues are just a backdrop to the neon unreality that these four girls find themselves drawn in. What they crave and occupy is not the real world and they know it. They wanted to break away from the monotonous college campus existence but what they find on Spring Break is themselves. Searching for meaning and purpose in their dull lives.

Korine puts together this film in a unique and stylistic fashion. He utilizes a colorful neon lighting for his disjointed cinematography along with pop music in the same aesthetic form that Refn used in Drive. Actually now that I wrote that I realized the music from this film and Drive were both composed from Cliff Martinez which makes sense for their similarities in style. Spring Breakers is a perfectly realized vision of its director Korine, from its editing down to what color clothes the actors were wearing. It is his cleanest and technically sublime work output. Also it is probably one of the first truly interesting films to come out in 2013 so far.

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