• Ghostwatch



    Similar in comparison to the blurred lines of reality that caused panic with the 1938 radio broadcast of War of the Worlds, this film confused and terrified television audiences in the U.K. back in 1992. A prank of monumental performance, this one-off BBC special presented itself as the real deal; a live broadcast of ghost hunters investigating a suspected haunted house, complete with in studio hosts/ guest hosts, and a call in center. I can only imagine being blissfully unaware…

  • Mutiny on the Bounty

    Mutiny on the Bounty


    Entertaining acting, but ultimately very cartoonish and unrealistic. I could gag at the portrayal of the indigenous island women fawning over the English navy men. You know damn well that in real life, they were raping, pillaging, and overall colonizing indigenous nations. This is less of a review and more of an explanation of what seems to be a beloved film and Best Picture Oscar Winner, that I just do not understand the love garnered for it. I mean, sure…

  • First Blood

    First Blood


    Is this film really that good, or do I like it so much because I hate cops?

    The answer is probably a bit of both, but that is not to diminish the surprising quality this film possesses. This is my first ever Rambo experience and while I was told by others this first film is nothing like the famed sequels, I still was expecting something akin to a cheesy 80's action flick and nothing more. In that regard, I was…

  • Grave Encounters

    Grave Encounters


    I've been meaning to rewatch this film for quite some time, for the sheer fact that I surprisingly have fond memories of it and want to see how it holds up. I remember this as being one of the more decent to better found-footage films, but even with a rewatch, my opinion hasn't changed much. It is still equally creative and original, and terribly flawed in some spots.

    I genuinely like the opening of the film, prior to all of…

  • Queen & Slim

    Queen & Slim


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Queen & Slim was a roller coaster of a film, with many highs and lows. For the most part I really loved it, but there were two scenes I had more than just passive concerns with, one of which was the ending.

    I know films such as these never tend to have a happy ending, but this one I was actually rooting for, and I think it would have been a nice change of pace rather than a gun downed in…

  • Gretel & Hansel

    Gretel & Hansel


    Oz Perkins deserves to be in the same conversation as Ari Aster and Robert Eggers as the new trio in art house horror. While I admit this latest offering isn't as good as his previous two films, one can clearly see that Perkins is superb in his craft, and his distinct style (that is still evolving) elevates his work amongst most modern horror. I'm actually quite surprised at how wide a release this film received, and even though Perkins' work…

  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    Since when did Rob Zombie do action movies? Seriously, the last quarter of this movie, was like Zombie wanted to do a spaghetti western (complete with awful CGI gun shot wounds) and Sheri Moon turn into Rambo. Up until that point, it wasn't too bad, although it was your standard Rob Zombie flick and nothing new.

    The movie was whacky in some moments, and I don't know if it was Zombie's attempt to do some surreal comedy but some bits…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    Anxiety on film, this was one stressful movie to sit through. I can legitimately see people with anxiety disorders receiving an induced panic attack from watching this. There is just so much going on at once, and its all frenetic in these socially negative situations. From the opening scene with Adam Sandler, there begins a boundless journey of awkwardness, intimidation, and one desperate attempt after another for resolution. The film will have you literally squirming in your seat from being…

  • Little Women

    Little Women


    Better than Lady Bird, actually much better in fact. I would even consider rating this film higher than what I did, if it wasn't for the issues that I have with the story of Little Women to begin with.

    First off, let me start by saying that I have never read the book, I know... I need to read more. So, I do not know how much of what is in the film, is strictly from the book, or alterations…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    It: Chapter Two is the equivalent of a Goosebumps movie or television special. I really was not a fan of the first one but even I did not expect it to be this bad. The main reason to why I even gave it a watch to begin with, lies with a very well done trailer.

    I admit, the trailer was a pivotal hook in turning me towards the film's direction. It was creepy and atmospheric with the string music and…

  • Joker



    The division this movie is causing is kind of astounding to me. I really do not understand what is so polarizing about it. It is not even just in terms of film appreciation and critique either, but yet another rehash of the unfounded argument of violence inspired by film/video games/etc. I won't dwell too much on the latter point as it is still a hilarious position that posits itself on an argument that America owns the trademark on violence. As…

  • The Head Hunter

    The Head Hunter


    The Head Hunter or alternatively known simply as The Head (a better title I think), is a movie filled to the brim with potential if not overflowing, but alas like a full mug of beer that has 3/4 of it spilled before it reaches its patron, the potential is wasted. Seriously, this could have been a magnificent movie if it had a larger budget to work with, and a slightly better script.

    I don't want to criticize the writing too…