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  • John Ford: The Man Who Invented America

    John Ford: The Man Who Invented America


    A glimpse into the mess that needs to be untangled in the myth that Ford played such a big role in creating, his alcoholism and refusal to answer questions about his work suggesting he was aware of the degree to which he had sold his soul to the Devil. The fact that Satan incarnate makes his appearance halfway through, grinning his stupid grin at the John Ford birthplace, makes this a film that should not be viewed more than once.…

  • Boyhood



    " The moment. It's like, it's always right now, you know?" Last line of a very long, very wise movie, a movie made up almost entirely of conversations.

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  • Catch-22



    Rewatched on the event of Mike Nichols death, a film I saw and loved as a teenager. An epic comedy, a really remarkable film, the way the jokes punch, and the scale of the production, audacious and brilliant.

  • Two Lovers and a Bear

    Two Lovers and a Bear


    This is a cruel film, a story that is brutal to its characters, which may account for some of the angry and outraged reviews here. But it is extraordinary for creating powerful images of people struggling together to SURVIVE the consequences of trauma. It is a film about survival, and the irony of its ending is cold.