WandaVision ★★★★½

just to get my overall feelings out of the way, i really enjoyed and loved this! i thought it was a unique way to draw people into phase four especially since we’ve gone a year without any marvel. i’m sooo excited for the rest of phase four. marvel when will you ever release me from your hold?? i’m gonna miss this. i looked forward to every episode even when i knew the length of them would piss me off.

everyone in this killed their performances. elizabeth showed out every episode (and killed all her looks). paul was so good by the second episode he become my new crush. another thing that impressed me was that before this neither wanda or vision were super important to me. they were just kinda there but now i love them and i miss my parents already. 
monica, jimmy, and darcy are a trio that i needed so bad. jimmy and darcy just played off eachother so well. i’d like a buddy cop movie of them. and monica i want more!! please just give it to me now!! i can’t wait to see her in captain marvel 2. 

now after praise is some things i didn’t enjoy so much. i think at times it could feel a little rushed and some of the CGI in the last episode was not that good. i also was left with just a few questions which isn’t my favorite feeling. lastly, i was hoping for at least a little cameo from dr.strange but i’ll just have to wait for the multiverse to appear. 
overall, this was a great time and something different from marvel which made it even better. but now we’re onto something new FATWS!! MY BOYS I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM EVERY WEEK!! 
“I don’t have a skeleton, Sir.”
“It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda.” 
“Do you want me to take that again?”
“But you were born for it.”

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