Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½


This film is definitely the odd one out when compared to the first two films. It feels more modern and its edited slightly differently. Yet it’s still a brilliant, intelligent and powerful film. What I love the most about this finale is that it takes the two characters from the other films and forces them to deal with the consequences of what seemed to be to carefree adventures. This might be the most realistic of them all as it portrays a couple that have known each other and have been together for so many years. The relationship feels authentic and lived in and that’s what’s so incredible about it.

Even though I think it’s my least favourite of the trilogy, I still think this is an amazing film and a great end to the trilogy. It’s not as endearing as the first and not as intense as the last, although there is a very long scene towards the end of this film which I found to be very intense. This is one of the most realistic relationships I’ve ever seen every portrayed in any sort of media and I will always praise this trilogy for that. There is nothing daring or revolutionary about these three films but for what they are, they are incredibly realistic in their approach to romantic relationships. 

Before Midnight is emotionally investing and slightly heartbreaking all the way through. The film feels very contained and the story seems quite simple, but once again, it give these two lead actors room to breathe and show off their incredible talent. It’s not a perfect ending, but it’s a grounded one, and that might be even more impressive.

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