Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★★

Hooptober 7.0 Film 4

Oof. So I don't like the original Cube as much as some people but I respect the concept for being interesting and out there, as well as avoiding telling too much of why there is this crazy cube. This movie though.... oof. It has all the flaws of the original, in that the characters are not that interesting, the conflicts are not that great, and the entire thing is just riddled through with cliches. On top of that, it lacks both the originality of the first, we've seen the cube before, and manages to make the cube itself much, much worse. It does this by making it a CGI monstrosity that never feels real and instead just makes you roll your eyes with bullshit magic science that lets anything they want to have happen happen. The movie ends up feeling like some high schooler's idea of what would make the cube even more awesome but ends up feeling like a dinner theater production of the Cube with somehow a massive CGI budget. Worse in every way and loses anything that made the first one special.

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