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  • Captain Blood
  • Samurai Cop
  • Charley Varrick
  • Time Bandits

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  • Action U.S.A.

    Action U.S.A.


    Action U.S.A. (or perhaps it should have been more specifically titled - 80's Action Trope: The Movie!) certainly delivers what its title implies. It's all action and it all takes place in the most American of states, Texas. If you're someone who prefers screenwriting or acting to come in at a distant second to the primary stunt work and action set-pieces of your movies then this is the film for you. Action U.S.A. is jam-packed with explosions, car stunts, shoot-outs,…

  • Dog Day

    Dog Day


    A truly odd and darkly comedic crime thriller. It's as if Lee Marvin ran off the location of Prime Cut and ended up at a funny farm in France, inhabited by white-trash characters dreamt up by Harmony Korine. And to make it even more interesting, all the characters are puppeteered by pulp-crime novelist, Jim Thompson. Violence, greed, and depravity is all these characters know. By the end of the film, you feel like you experienced one big, sick joke. For me, that joke left a grin on my face.

Popular reviews

  • Halloween II

    Halloween II


    Nostalgia is a hell of a drug!

    Growing up, my parents would always put on Halloween 1 and 2 on Halloween night just before we went out for Trick or Treat. We would usually watch the first third of the original Halloween before going out and catch most of Halloween 2 after we returned from trick-or-treating.

    I recognize that Carpenter's Halloween is the better movie, but I have so much nostalgia tied to the sequel that I get just as…

  • RoboCop



    Innovative genre filmmaking combined with social satire can be such a sweet combo when done right. American filmmakers like George Romero and Larry Cohen did masterful works such as this in the '70s, effectively and entertainingly lampooning their country's way of life. Who would have thought that a decade later it would be a Dutchman creating one of the best satires of American capitalism?! Well, that's exactly what director Paul Verhoeven did with RoboCop in 1987 and it's pretty amazing…