Hi, I'm Ben. A college student from Italy and big movie fan.

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  • Hero



    Film 1/30 of Scavenger Hunt #1!
    Task #1: "A film starring Jet Li!"

    There are three things I imagine while I think of a chinese movie: the swordfights, the pathos, the colors.
    The fight scenes are over the top without losing the seriousness of the actions, the death scenes are tremendously tragically and the color theme in the movie is changing for every flashback.

    I really enjoyed this movie especially the cinematography, great rewatchability.

  • Y Tu Mamá También

    Y Tu Mamá También


    Film 22/30 of Scavenger Hunt July 2016
    Task #6: A road-trip movie.

    I think it has become a running gag by now the fact that Cuaròn made a Harry Potter movie after this erotic road-trip movie.
    Y tu mamá también just keeps the camera rolling and won't cut the scene when traditionally speaking it ended. Maybe it's focusing on an old lady who's passing by, or on a cook in a kitchen.
    The good fleshed out characters add a…