Stone Cold

Stone Cold ★★★★

After enjoying the last Craig, R. Baxley joint Dark Angel I decided to finally check out another and STONE COLD seemed to fit the bill. You are thrown straight into the action with grocery store robbery where we are introduced to our mulleted hero Joe Huff/John Stone who is wearing all of the denim on offer! This movie goes from the utterly insane to the downright absurd with over the top action scene after over over the top action scene. One of them sees old Stone Cold jumping from a helicopter through the courthouse roof. Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe are clearly having a lot of fun as Chains and his right-hand man Ice hitting those cheesy one-liners with unbridled enthusiasm. Boggles the mind that this was a flop.. I'm starting to think Baxley needs to be celebrated as a director of big dumb action films along with the greats.

If you want to see the best mullet ever showcased on screen, lots of people exploding and a motorcycle flying into a helicopter then I highly recommend STONE COLD.

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