No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★½

I’ll admit I’m not the biggest James Bond fan in the world.
As a child I grew up through the Brosnan era which was a mixed bag to say the least.
I’ve seen only one of the films pre-Brosnan.
Casino Royale was brilliant but the other Craig Bonds haven’t exactly blown my skirt up.

But there was no way I wasn’t going to watch this in the cinema.
If there’s one thing I wanted from the experience it was visual treats and some seriously loud action.
Which this definitely delivered.

Daniel ‘Crag’ so named for his lumpy face does make a strong Bond and delivers all the physicality and dry wit you’d expect.
Rami Maleks villain however suffers from ‘instantly forgettable’ syndrome, he’s makes very little impact and feels very thinly written.
The rest of the cast are all capable in their roles.

What does let the film down is the bloated runtime.
This could definitely have been 40 minutes shorter and benefited from it.
It nearly had more endings than Return Of The King for bloody hell sake.

All that being said the action is impressive and the sense of scale is vast.
Although it is far from perfect it must be watched on the big screen

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