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This review may contain spoilers.


I knew it, I knew from the start. I had a feeling it was a combo of those 2 dudes, like I kept on switching between them to the point where I’m like it’s probably both of them and I got it right.

First off let me just say there was a lot of things in this movie that were pretty stupid 😂(like the forced relationship between Dewey and Monica from friends and lots of other things ) but that was part of the fun. This was my first slasher movie, and the genre definitely takes some getting used to. 

They really pushed the everyone is a suspect thing because they were hinting at ghostface being so many different people but it ended up being Sydney’s creepy boyfriend and shaggy from scooby doo (I’ll never be able to look at him the same way lol) 

Anyways the characters in this movie were in my opinion done really well, everyone was different and had different qualities to them.

Also the score in this movie is great, it really sets the right mood for this movie

I watched this on demand on direct tv and it gave us commercial breaks in the worst possible times and when the break was over it jumped like 15 seconds from where we were, so we’d get a commercial break mid sentence and not know what that person said. It was a lot more annoying then it seems lol.

Anyways more Halloween movies are on the way I promise, my goal is to put out at least 10 more review before the end of the moth, which will be hard but it is possible. 

All in all I really enjoyed this movie, it was a fun time and a movie I’ve wanted to see (and franchise I’ve wanted to get into) for a long time. 

Ok announcement time. I hit 100 followers the other day!!! And I will be celebrating this accomplishment by doing a challenge where I watch 10-15 of my friends/followers favorite movies. I never thought I’d ever get to 50 followers on this app let alone 100 😂. I got this app because I was bored and wanted to talk about my love of movies without knowing I’m just getting tuned out the entire time. Thanks for dealing with my cringe and horrible reviews 😂😂. All of you helped me reach this accomplishment I appreciate you all 😁😁. If you want to participate please let me know!!!! Thanks again 💯

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