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This review may contain spoilers.

First off before I get into my review, huge shout out to my boy JHNL. He’s a friend irl and he’s new to Letterboxd so go check him out!

Anyways now the review 

This movie never disappoints, I’ve seen like 8 or 9 times now and every time it just gets better. 

I really love this movie. When I saw it in theaters for the first time I knew nothing going in and my expectations were very low. Because Sony’s history with spider man has been very hit or miss and it was a animated spider man film, we had never gotten that on the big screen before as far as I know. But boy was I wrong. 

First up let’s talk about the technical stuff. The acting was so great and the actors were in my opinion, perfectly cast. The music is sooooo good. I remember one of the first things I did when I got out of the theater was go Spotify and listen to the soundtrack. And lastly in my opinion the best thing about this movie (beside the story) the animation 😍. Holllllyy shitttt this movies animation style is so god damn amazing. So much attention so detail and hidden Easter eggs in the animation. Also it’s literally a animated comic book, it’s so cool. Probably the best animation I’ve ever seen (besides the newer Pixar movies cuz.....do I really need to explain 😂)

Now for the story. 

The story is general is very very good. And the writers do a phenomenal job At making you feel for miles as if it was you going through these things. Miles has a amazing character arc in this movie. In the beginning miles is overwhelmed by taking on the mantle of spider man and his new school AND a bunch of spider men from other universes start just randomly appearing. But it’s when he has that falling out with his parents and when uncle Arron dies that really push him over the edge, but in a good way. The death of Arron and that amazing scene with his dad talking to him on the other side of his door, are what make miles realize what he has to do and how he’s gonna do it. And suddenly he’s able to harness his power and use it to defeat king pin

A Phenomenal Movie that will always be in my top 20

Also theory time: what if the girl that miles calls super tall when he’s having that realization of his powers at his school, is this realitys version of tall girl! 😳😳 does this man that spider verse 2 might have a tall girl crossover? I sure fucking hope not

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