WandaVision ★★★★★

Episode one (50s, The Dick Van Dyke show)
Episode two (60s, Bewitched)

Wow, I was not expecting to like this as much as a did. 

The show is literally a 50s/60s sitcom for the most part in the first two episodes. But within that sitcom you get these subtle hints that not everything is what it seems, and that the people in this town, are not willingly doing the things that they are doing, and that really gave this show a horror aspect. 

When I say horror it’s more like it’s just very unsettling, like fore example (I’ll try not to spoil anything) but there is this one scene in particular where a man is choking on food and instead of being worried or going to help him his wife just sits there and laughs and says ”stop it, stop it” as if he was joking around, but this man it legit choking to death. And eventually vision had to go in there and save him, but like idk I just found the show pretty creepy at some points and that just made me enjoy it even more.

Some fans might be very weirded out by this show as it is a sitcom, but there are so many Easter eggs (so many, one in particular that me very excited and weirded out, the watch commercial) this show might not be for everyone because there’s not a lot of action (at least in the beginning) and it might  be a little hard to understand, but overall I think marvel really nailed it with this show and I can’t wait for next week. 

And what’s cool about this show is that you don’t really need to watch any other marvel movies to understand the basic plot of this show (at least for now lol) I do recommend, that if you want to watch this show you should at least check out marvel legends, which is a show on Disney plus that will get you caught up with everything you need to know and it takes like 15 minutes at the least.

Sorry if this review is all over the place, I stayed up till 12 to watch this right when it dropped and then I didn’t go to bed until 2 lol, so I’m hella tired. But I highly recommend this show to not just superhero fans, but if you enjoy sitcoms, and the feeling of uncertainty and that everything is not what it seems (this show has been compared to get out so if you like that movie you might like this) you should definitely give this a watch.

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