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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode four

Watched this last night and I’m still speechless.

This episode is my new favorite, it’s so hard to talk about what I loved with out spoiling so if you don’t want spoilers I suggest you avoid this review.

Spoiler warning once again

Episode four: The real world 

This episode was HUGE for the series. We finally get some confirmation on what’s going on on the inside of westview and on the outside. We get to see what caused some of the things we already saw in the series. 

This episode also gives us a lot of development for Monica, and we finally get the returns of jimmy woo and Darcy Lewis. 

I think that now that we know what going on outside of westview, they’ll finally increase the runtime and give us half the episode inside westview and half outside. 

I love how we start right after hulks snap in endgame and we get to see more of the aftermath of that event on the ground level. And then we immediately get to see what SWORD was doing behind the scenes. 

And we get to see the scene where Wanda yeets Monica out of the reality. And it was so great. I think the reason we didn’t see this scene is episode three is because Wanda purposely cut that out because she didn’t want the viewers (SWORD) to see her use her magic and she didn’t want them to see that darker side of her. But we saw that in this episode it was from Monica’s POV rather than the broadcast. And also notice how when we got this scene the camera style wasn’t 70s it was present day. 

Also that scene with dead vision was so creepy I swear to god 

Anyways if you got any episode 5 theories feel free to drop them in the comments!!! Like I said earlier I think this next episode will be half 80s sitcom and half real world, and I think that some of the people inside the reality will try to escape or they’ll start to realize what’s going on even more than they already do. 

I cant wait for next week!!

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