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This review may contain spoilers.

Episode 5 (80s, family ties)

I finally was able to retrieve my consciousness after watching this last night so I can finally write my review. 



That ending had me light headed. I think I woke up the whole neighborhood with how loud I was. I was literally jumping up and down and yelling OH MY GOD QUICKSILVER!! ITS EVAN!!! HES BACK!!!! 

And it wasn’t just the phenomenal ending that made this episode one of the best episodes of television like, ever. There were so many other awesome moments like when Wanda came out of the reality, that had me super hyped. And when Vision awakened Norm I was so confused but also super loving it at the same time. And of course whenever Jimmy Woo is on screen it’s a fucking party.

I can’t wait to see more of Evan peters quicksilver. He was the best part of the newer X-Men movies And he’s ones of my favorite characters in general when it comes to marvel movies. I can’t wait to see how this show uses his character, and if he’ll be in other projects besides wandavision. This is huge, because it basically confirms the multiverse. Wanda or someone else grabbed quicksilver from the X-men universe and brought him to the main mcu universe, which means that we could see other X-men return!!! THIS SHOW IS SO INCREDIBLE MY GOD. 

And on top of all that we also got confirmation that Wanda stole visions corpse. And Wandas accent is back which is very interesting. And the twins are rapidly aging so we might see Wiccan and speed very very soon!!

Honestly tho, the theme song for this one was probably my least favorite, but it was still really good. And the commercial, it referenced Lagos which is the name of the city in the beginning of civil war when Wanda blows up a building on accident. 

It was nice to be back in the sitcom world. But we also got SWORD scenes which was great. That director Hayward guy is sooooo annoying.

Overall I can’t express how much hype I have right now, this show is amazing. I love speculating and theorizing every week about what’s gonna happen next. 

If every episode from now on is this good or better...shit this might be top 5 material on my mcu ranked list. 

I was not expecting this show to be as amazing as it’s been so far. I absolutely love it

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